Dance requires mental, physical, emotional and social skills. All of these functions working together can be beneficial to our brain and overall health.

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Afro Latin Moves

How do we connect with latin rhythms?

Your body is your instrument.
New York Style On2 - we shine!

We strengthen our body and move rhythmically, while learning a sequence. Get moves for the dance floor or use it as a weekly practice to connect with your body.

- Also for Adolescence and Kids 

Isolation and Motion

This class is designed to put a focus on isolating different elements of the body, from head to toe. We work on flexibility and motion of each part of the body, while rhythmically connecting to the music. Furthermore this moving meditation includes different breathing exercises. We focus on body awareness, posture and the body - mind connection.


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One-to-one practice lessons 
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CHF 110 / 60 min / pp
CHF 180 / 60 min / couples


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